Apple > other brands

A report from identity and brand consulting company Interbrand shows that Apple has overtaken Coca-Cola, where I once worked creating branding and identity, as the world’s most valuable brand. This knocks Coca-Cola from its 13-year tenure in the annual “Best Global Brands” reports The New York Times.

How much is a brand worth? Apple’s brand as valued is close to $100 billion, that’s a lot of iPhones. Intriguing, though not surprising, Google sits rather comfortably now at #2, bumping Coca-Cola down to #3, the top ten is dominated by tech, it’s a tech world after all. Only non-tech in the top ten is Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Toyota which has held the same position for a couple years. It should be noted that, at one time, IBM would often be at the top this list or be #2; honestly I’m a bit surprised it’s still holding on here considering how much is divested itself from being everything tech, guess it’s the collective conscience permanence that keeps it there.

Biggest Brands of 2013