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Big data (is getting bigger)

How much data is generated every minute? The short answer is A LOT!

As Domo prepares its data for 2018, take a gander at Data Never Sleeps Infographic for 2017. Domo has been doing this for years, charting the rate of change that boggles one’s mind, always trending upward. From videos to GIFs, emoji-filled tweets and messages, and beyond.

Five years ago 48 hours of YouTube was uploaded every minute, now it’s 300 hours every minute. Email’s sent and its use have slowed with the rise of collaborative apps like Slack. Five years ago things such as Snapchat and Tinder were merely ideas. Much has changed in how much data is created in four years, a lot more will change by 2020.

Undoubtedly the pioneers of the internet had no idea what would become of their theories when applied, certainly not that people would be slapping hearts and video snippets sent through iMessage.

Domo Data Never Sleeps
Data Never Sleeps 2017. Credit: Domo
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