car bloat. driver bloat. font bloat.

The always astute peeps over at Brand New point out OnStar got a slight, maybe to some imperceptible, update to their logo, but it, like cars and their drivers, are getting, well, thicker around the edges, and cars can’t get sans serif.

All part of a much larger campaign rollout, can’t help but wonder if they’re trying to be more [shudders to type in relation to topic] “hip” or something to keep their dwindling six million subscribers hooked to their pricey per-month service. You can now Facebook from your car, oooOOOooo!

I get it, truly I do, and maybe I’m jealous I didn’t get and do the pitch for the rebranding, I’m sure this was a cash cow for the agency of record for not a lot of effort. Still, what with smart phones and built in or installed navigation, OnStar will have to do a lot more than get social and de-serif their font to stay relevant to shoppers, most of whom after the trial period, just ignore the deactivated blue button.