Coca-Cola: It’s Magic

Enjoy Coca-Cola, just not necessarily the ones in this picture, or that sandwich, or the ice for that matter.

Enjoy Coca-Cola, just not necessarily the ones in this picture, or that sandwich, or the ice for that matter.

Advertising is a bit like glamour magazines, you don’t really think those stars look the way they do, do you? Regardless of your like or dislike of the flavor of Coca-Cola, seeing these shots here, the reality is there’s more than maybe meets the eye. Art directing these shots with a really good photographer and a food/product stylist, then post production work like adding the logo, etc., the end result hopefully makes your thirsty, thirsty for whatever ISN’T in these bottles.

For instance, we don’t actually use Coca-Cola in a photo shoot, it has volatility and a fizziness that’s hard to tame, we do use food coloring and water, but it’d taste pretty nasty. The bottle upper left had the end cut off, and we probably spent dozens of shots trying to get this one, having to clean up the mess every single time, getting dry glasses, pouring our colors water through a tube through the bottom of the bottle.

The ice you see upper right, not really ice, but glass, expensive glass at that, each fake ice cube custom made, no two alike, hand crafted, like little square pieces of art. All spayed down with glycerine to give it that shimmy shimmer glow. There’s nothing cold in the shot though, certainly not the ice nor the brown colored water.

Mmmm, warm sandwich in the sun. Lower left, that is really a sandwich and it really did look delicious however it was baking in the sun while I had light cards held up at angles and various treatments shot of the glass over and and over and over. Despite the fact I often use artificial studio light, these shots were, in fact, shot outdoors, right behind a studio. It was a nice day and we all wanted to be outside. Again more fake ice cubes, more glycerine. Also there’s a when and where to have the product fizzy, but I’ll spare you that dissertation.

Finally your A1 money shot of Coca-Cola. Bottle and can. Sprayed with glycerine.

Mind you, I found doing these photoshoots probably a lot more fun than I’m explaining and, when seeing the finished result in magazines or in ads, honestly I thought “cool, a job well done” rather than “eeech, brown colors water and oily droplets from a spray bottle!”