content strategy basics

1. Don’t start by focusing on print; focus on digital. Digital channels and their low-cost barriers and ease of use are part of what has made content marketing explode. Think of YouTube, WordPress, Facebook, downloadable articles, or Constant Contact. Then consider paper, printing, shipping, warehousing, postage, and etcetera. Plus, remember that digital content is easier for today’s consumer to share with an audience.

2. Know that producing engaging content is a challenge. We all face it, and it’s most often learned through trial and error. Our instinct as marketers is to sell, promote, assert market leadership, and hit home those branding messages.

3. Resist the urge to have all of your marketing speak directly to your products and services. Strive to balance the promotional aspect of your content with informational evergreen content. Remember that content marketing isn’t push marketing — it’s a pull strategy that can be thought of as the marketing of attraction. It’s marketing that is engaging, educational, helpful, entertaining, and there when you need it.

4. No one likes a one-sided conversation. Don’t be the person on the date who only talks about themselves. Start your content strategy with a goal of establishing genuine customer-brand relationships by offering up content that your target audience would find shareable. Be the person on the date that wants the other person to go tell their friends about it, because that person will be one who gets the second date, while the one who only talks about themselves is in the never-ending cycle of first dates.

5. 90% of purchase decisions now begin with an Internet search. You’ll need content to help you show up in these searches.