Cornell gives a great lesson about branding

screen-shot-2012-06-02-at-33431-pmHad the pleasure of meeting a bunch of nice folks at Cornell University last week. One of many things that impresses me about this Ivy League school isn’t just overall branding, but their openness and efficiency in their branding guide, it’s quite excellent. In fact it’s arguably one of the best in all of higher education, that’s saying something, I’ve seen perhaps a few dozen of such guides and had a hand on the process for several.

I highly recommend downloading their Cornell Brand Book (5.7 MB PDF). It’s an excellent tutorial, not only on Cornell’s dedication to their brand, but how to create a tight, concise, well formatted, easy to understand brand guide. From the why it’s important for consistent brand message, to what is that message, logo use, fonts, best practices; to what is good use of images and spacing which applies to any brand or any good design. If you’re responsible for, learning about, or interested in branding and identity regardless of sector, the Cornell University branding guide should be the standard.