correlation between physics and brands

This TED talk by Google’s Dan Cobley really had me thinking, in at least so much when the larger the client I consult with the harder it is to get traction for them to change direction, the more mass they have.

Not explained by Dan Cobley in the video below, but something I’ve often thought of in terms of physics with companies I deal with, they can be like a giant lumbering mass, the larger that mass becomes the harder time it will have changing direction. By mass I mean the whole shootin’ match, employees, overhead, opinion makers (too many always water everything down, three or less actual deciders is the best formula), markets trying to saturate, etc. etc., the more players and capital needed the more lumbering and less potential for exciting stuff as a ratio.

There’s a reason former employer and client Coca-Cola takes months to incubate potential brands and launch them to market and then weeks and weeks to mull decisions about them as opposed to say Wet Planet, makers of Jolt Cola, who I’ve also done work for, who can pretty much go from development to product in under a month if they so choose and can turn direction on a dime if necessary. Jolt’s ability to change direction in a fraction of business time doesn’t make them huge per se, but it does make them more consumer-centric and able to shift, change, grow. One is certainly more fun than the other as well.