Google+ is currently a bit like Google?

google-plusAs one of the first round of users of Google+ I’ve been poking it listlessly with a stick for weeks, inviting people, and watching with baited breathe to have a eureka moment… it’s not come yet. It’s a bit like when Google Wave came out and many wanted in, like Wave Google rolled out + with the exclusivity one can only guess to create a, ahem, “buzz,” but in some way that approach backfires with resentment, after all for other social networks there’s no waiting. Once you’re one of the lucky few, though that number grows exponentially every day, the excitement gets tempered with a “yeaahh … now what?” Drag people into circles and read the feeds and think “wait, this is like Facebook?” Yep. It is. And while I’ve heard the Google apologists say “yeah but on Facebook you can’t broadcast to only curtain people and not others.” Uhhh, really? Yes you can. At this point the majority people I tend to follow on Facebook I’m seeing much of the same posts on Google+. Awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to two sites to see the same information between friends.

Here’s a way Google+ would be better, let it’s feed aggregate the Facebook feed, after all you can cross-post between Twitter and Facebook (both directions). But of course the fact you can’t tells you what this pissing match is really about, Google vs. Facebook. Only Facebook has a massive headstart, tends to make sense right away, and an easy prediction is will always be the giant while Google+ is riding a crest like Wave. More and more Google is the new Microsoft, trying to play catchup by using a type of copy machine, only in this case to Microsoft’s Apple we have Google sticking Facebook in a Xerox and doing a “look at meeEEE! We’re Google!” Oh, it probably will have a dedicated bevy of users but mark my words, it’ll be niche in the social wars. Next.