great people, great cause

For the last two years I’ve had the honor and privilege of art-directing a calendar, sales of which fund the Mary Alice Beatty Scholarship for young woman looking to go into the aviation or aeronautics.

It takes months to produce the final product; lining up talent, stylists, locations, people, planes, and hoping for the best out of mother nature. Sometimes the harder the project, along with the value added to people’s lives for putting blood, sweat, and tears into it, are worth more than the money or accolades. It’s great to have another calendar done, printed, ready for it’s big reveal and for sale (last year’s sold out), and to be already ramping up planning next year’s locations, talent, and people.

For more on the calendar, beautifully photographed with women not only modeling, but role models in their own right, visit The Southern Museum of Flight website.

Mary Alice Beatty Scholarship Calendar