how to foster an atmosphere of committed great employees

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In the midst of a massive web redesign being undertaken almost entirely internally for a project many in an industry often outsources, I’m reminded of the power internal teams and why, in many instances, it’s better to use the talent you know than take the time and effort (money) to hunt down agencies who, in the end, may miss their mark.

If an organization has the resources – by which I mean time, talent, and technology – a competent, confident staff with proper leadership and vision, why spend copious amounts of money outside your organization to do something an internal team may do just as well. As an added bonus, when leadership is willing to take a chance entrusting an internal team to do an often outsourced project, that team becoming involved feels more respected and appreciated. Empowering your people to take responsibility for the organization’s brand creates a higher level of job satisfaction by creating a sense of ownership.

There may (or will) be headaches and bumps in the process when turning employees loose on large projects where they find themselves having to learn new skills, think on-the-fly, challenge themselves, work better together as a team, asking for help getting resources to get the job done. These are all very much worth it not only for them to grow as integral parts of your organization, but your organization will be that much better for taking the chance, you’re creating value all the way around.

Moira Cullen, Director of Global Design at The Hershey Company, said regarding the power of your staff, “internal creative teams [can] seize their insider advantage by using their deep knowledge of the brand, leveraging their strategic value.” You’ve hired some talented people, put them to the best use and, wherever possible, challenge them in meaningful ways.