I [heart] pop-up books and good music

When I was a young artist before picking design and art direction as a career, I loved pop-up books, to the degree I used to make my own, with paper, pens, scissors and crayons. I got decent at making them, but never on this, jawdropping, a scale.

The The lovely and talented Lisa Hannigan, who I only discovered through the haunting song “9 Crimes,” has a video that harkens of when music videos were art, in this case, her video really HAS art! Art as two fantastically cut, designed, and illustrated pop-up books! The books were lovingly hand-created by Lisa’s brother and artist Jamie along with Maeve Clancy. With exquisite detail, they not only match the song near perfectly, the video itself has a whimsy that matches Lisa the musician.  This is music as art, in an art form as a video, showing art that is materials, it’s fantastic!