intriguing interactive career salary graphic

Despite traveling, giving talks, and meeting many college staff and educators while working in the higher ed sector over many years, this is the first I’ve heard of Rasmussen College. This said, they have a pretty good identity and branding effect, modern website, decent message, but what drew me from elsewhere on the web was their interactive career salary guide.

It looks like I should have become an anesthesiologist, or anything in medical really. While the graph and it’s data is intriguing, looking at the isolating my category of interest, with only the creative field displayed, can’t help but wonder where they’re getting the math, it doesn’t align with other industry publications. Art Director seems a bit high, it’s higher than a Producer and Director, which, odd, in my experience that’d be a first. Even graphic designer seems too high, maybe NYC pulls up all the numbers by a good five figures for this interactive graphic? Creative Director, as a standalone title, is nowhere to be found; if on there while it should be about $110,000, by the math they use however it would probably be approximately $150,000.

Nitpicking aside, fun to play with, go enjoy .

Career Salary Guide