“once into Android, well, the fun never starts”

Ouch. People wonder why the iPad is currently the leader in tablet computers need look no further than the review of the Viewsonic ViewPad 10 done by Wired.com.

Any article that starts “There’s a really famous road — maybe you know it. It’s paved with good intentions. And by now you should know all too well where it leads” is probably going to be filled with some awesome prose about a bad… something-or-other.” Indeed, and I love the comment “No manner of fussing could get Angry Birds running on this machine.”

To be fair, trying to implement one closed-source and one open-source OS on one device, more importantly, one piece of hardware is a bit of a nightmarish lofty goal. To then implement it even more poorly is a headscratcher. At least the article didn’t call it an “iPad Killer.”

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