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Philips and the Last of the CRTs

Philips and the Last of the CRTs

This brochure and photoshoot I helped art direct is interesting for two reasons, the first is that it was probably the last one we did that had CRT monitors, and I remember even more humorous to me, as an Apple guy, we did the editing for this brochure on Cinema Displays (LCDs), then again, Apple innovates and leads, the rest of the PC industry follows.

But I digress, the complexity of a photoshoot is lost on those who see the ads or the pictures and think it’s some room picked at random, which, that may be the case sometimes, but more often than the world realizes, it’s actually a set in a controlled environment built to spec. That’s what this is in fact, two models we picked out of model books, a set built by set builders only just for this photoshoot, a wonderful set stylist named Holly picking out things to decorate it with, clothing stylists, hair stylists, and of course the monitors were real, but not really plugged in.

Though really I was trying to hide a monitor cable in this shot, it looks more like I'm hiding from her husband who just came home.

Are they gone yet?

Advertising they say is smoke and mirrors, more than you know. You see a shot like what’s in this brochure and was in ads and think some small SoHo office, I see two models, company shipped product surrounded by stylist and/or photo studio bought equipment in a set built by a crew of set builders (usually who night shift building theatre or movie set buildouts), one or two photogs, their assistants, an art director (me) or two, potentially a designer on hand, not to mention a fretting client representative. Good times.

The ‘Roid to the right I thought was humorous in that it looks like I’m trying to hide because her husband, who’s a rather large man, just came home. Reality is I’m just trying to hide the cables.

Oh, and truth is Philips had an LCD screen at the time of the photoshoot, it was 12″ and cost $800. No joke.