How to be Successful as a Student-Athlete? The Choice is Yours.

Student-athletes face a lot of decisions. Do you go to the library instead of hanging out with friends? Do you get up early to get in a workout or grab a few extra hours of sleep? Do you even choose to play a sport or focus on your academics? Can you do both?

Establishing Revenue Before Ground-breaking

Engage, excite, and secure funds for a new $250 million campus science center while lining up global faculty and students long before a shovel touches the soil.

Colin Nekritz Revenue Before Groundbreaking

Global Learning, Local Connections

Cultivating programs with international partners, enticing faculty and students from the United States and abroad interested in the choosing their own adventure.

Colin Nekritz Global Laboratory


Building Campus Community

Every student has a story, traceable back to time spent learning and growing at college. Stories build a sense of community, add reasons to give and stay connected.

Alumni Relations

One Institution, Widespread Impact

Conveying the considerable economic power of a college to a community, region, and state. Sharing success stories beyond just enrichment of knowledge and human capital.

Colin Nekritz Impact on Economy

Positioning Possibilities, Capturing Markets

Marketing credit, non-credit, and certification classes giving students more choice in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Diversification of Marketings

Diversifying and Expanding Academic Culture

Creation of wide-ranging marketing pieces for recruiters, targeting countries and their students boosting enrollment of students from abroad.

Colin Nekritz Diversity

Spreading the News, Improving Reviews

Successful strategic campaigns aimed at improved ranking and image of the college at respected national peer-reviewed higher education magazines and journals.

Boosting the Economy

250 Million and Counting

Goal-crushing fundraising from start to completion, planning, and deployment of capital campaigns, targeting multi-channel opportunities building a foundation for the 21st Century.

Farm to Table

Picture Says a Thousand Words, Video an Encyclopedia

From concept to storyboard, vendor to talent, execution to production, deployment to recognition. Working with limited budgets to create memorable pieces targeting audiences producing results.

Building Better Funnels

Creation of the university promise – that your higher education experience will be everything an institution promises, from first awareness through end-of-life.

Higher Ed Marketing Funnel

Celebrating Milestones

Creation of materials commemorating events – engaging members of the campus community from students, faculty, staff, and alumni helping to ensure a prosperous future and boost school spirit.

150 Years Strong

Chronicling Success and Mapping the Future

Assembling reports, pulling together and presenting information to ensure the campus community and all constituents are on the same page.

Nekritz Report

Establishing Accreditation

Using the college strategic plan as a springboard to produce materials showcasing school faculty, staff, and students all working together in achieving academic accreditation.

Colin Nekritz Middlestates

Arts on the Map

Creating and adhering to a long-term marketing strategy to bring about a world-class arts department, one that brings national attention, audiences, and increasing box office revenue.

Arts Matter

Conveying a Winning Attitude

Pieces recruiting talented student-athletes who excel both in the classroom and on the field, and help clinch NCAA titles that put the college on the map in competitive sports programs.

Nekritz Hockey

Pitting David with Goliath

Strategy for press and materials to help launch a thriving campus in a different city, on the doorstep of the more substantial competition, to meet regional educational needs.


Occam’s Razor as a Web Page

Keep every on a website as simple as possible, but not simpler.