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In a small upstate New York venue named the Odeon, a space I helped to launch both artistically through it’s branding, marketing, web presence, but also as it’s initial launch tastemaker and curator plus oh so much more. There, adoring the walls, hung lovingly by someone other than me in an almost random, sometimes crooked, order, is posters I created for the venue’s first few shows.

Colin Nekritz arts entertainment posters

While I do many things professionally, creatively – from making making brands tick, marketing and idea generation, music promotion to design, photography, art director, it’s sometimes hard to get perspective of the sheer amount of output this all really generates. Some of the work of a creative like myself is esoteric done in wonderful groups, teams, or solo. Thoughts and ideas in almost unquantifiable numbers, many never put out there into the world, but they’re necessary grist to the mill of making the ordinary extraordinary.

Colin Nekritz poster designs artistic direction

Digging through some older photos I must have taken using my iPhone due to quality and lighting issues, it’s a testament to the range and creativity a person like me actually puts out, seemingly without thinking much about it.

Colin Nekritz venue director

That may be the biggest shame of being a creative, we lose sight of the sheer quantity of our output, which in this case as I recall by these pictures was all done in less than a year.

But there’s more, more than just the use of fonts and colors, the branding logo and fontography I developed, photo shoots or photo selection then then getting files to the printer. Much more, behind almost each and every poster there was the listening to artists during that year, going to showcases, figuring out who’s good, finding the artist or agent, making an offer, maybe a counteroffer, a contract, the booking of the artist setting a data then, finally, night of each of these shows, me being at the venue as the MC, host, and entertainer liaison for the artist.

The posters themselves tell a mere fraction of the story. Sure I designed them, but “design” means so much more, it is the proverbial tip of the iceberg of any endeavor in creativity whatever we creatives do, as many creatives do, each and every day.