super bowl ads, all in one place


Like many of my ilk (marketing, design, branding, etc…) I tend to watch the Super Bowl mostly for commercials. You Tube Ad Blitz compiled them all so for those not excited about watching [spoiler alert] Green Bay Packers beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, here’s your one-stop shop to see them all.

Like most years, my and others takes were mixed.

Doritos® I felt had some of the stronger of the ads, for humor “House Sitting” gave me and the person I was watching it probably the biggest chuckle.

Car commercials were everywhere, Hyundai’s “Sonata Hybrid” was perhaps the best executed for being quirky and keeping one’s attention span. GM’s marketing is any indicator of how they build cars… okay, that one is too easy. Eminem would have been fine even though he was merely pimping a redesigned [shudder] Sebring in the Chrysler 200 (coming to rental fleets near you, and people who lack taste in cars) which was an emotionally powerful commercial “Imported from Detroit” about the much maligned city, but his Brisk commercial, implying he wouldn’t sell out unless demands were made, oddly negated the Chrysler’s positioning by essentially Eminem selling out. I’d mention Puff P Diddy Daddy’s cameo in the Mercedes commercial but, of course, Sean Combs sold when he made Big E Smalls’ death into his own career catapult. Though not a car maker, CarMax’s “Kid in a Candy Store” has merit, funny always is a good route, when it works that is.

Pepsi vs. Coke wars were heated, Pepsi, as in previous years, appeared to simply get the target demographics better and won this round to all but those diehard Coke drinkers who would say otherwise, Coke spent a huge budget on an animated commercial “Siege” which most found largely forgettable.

Beer commercials aren’t worth mentioning; I get it, they’re shooting for the most troglodyte demographic who would be confused by sock puppet theatre, so I guess for people who drink domestic swill they were all a win.

GoDaddy made me wonder who would possibly want to go to their website to see Joan Rivers scantly clad anyways (I’m not even going to link them).

Movie commercials, like beer commercials, don’t really garner a mention because all they’re really doing is editing down their trailers to 30 seconds, if you like movie trailers at the movies (and I do) you either will have seen some of them or will see them shortly.

Finally while minding Twitter during the whole Super Bowl and watching people’s often hysterically funny comments, many took perverse pleasure in watching Roseanne Barr get creamed by a log in Snickers “Logging” ad. It was telling, however, how many didn’t know and/or recognize Richard Lewis, suggesting they could have cast it better, though to Lewis credit, his shtick is complaining about things.

Overall not the worst crop of ads for a Super Bowl, and probably not the best either. Here’s looking forward to 2012.