Thank You Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Dissing the ‘iPad Killer’ Talk

jeff_bezos“[Business] is not like a sporting event. It’s very common to read blog or newspaper headlines, and the words “X Killer” I assume because it must get more clicks. When it comes to competing products, however, success isn’t always so black and white. Any kind of new product introduction, the company is probably is not hoping to completely kill any other company, in [the iPads] case competing products are hoping they can be part of something, something big.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, intelligently firing back at someone at a Consumer Reports event who asked the inevitable tiresome question some idiot will always ask about tablets and will there be an “iPad killer.” The correct answer is yes, yes there will be an “iPad Killer,” it will be the next iPad after the last one, etc. It’s the leader of the segment, all other are followers, end of story. Sadly that doesn’t make for good headlines or pageviews, nor does it satiate Apple haters who in truth only a very small, but vocal, mass.