the times, they are a changin’ … well, changed

And not changing back.

In this world where we’re bombarded with so much information from all directions all the time at an ever increasing rate, it’s not surprising advertising is more and more done to prospective buyers in the nanosecond, or if you ever watched the way ahead of it’s time, groundbreaking TV show that ran for one season Max Headroom, a blipvert.

As when I give talks, even Twitter’s 140 words are an awful lot in the scheme of advertising. An example I recently gave to a group contrasts an old AMC ad vs. a recent Toyota ad. Arguably they both get their points across, only one does it as what worked in 1973, the other does it as our world exists 2010 for time in 2010. It’s arguable the 2010 ad would be better for any generation however, so honestly perhaps advertising has in fact gotten better.

AMC Javelin 1973 Magazine Ad

AMC Javelin 1973 Magazine Ad

2010 Toyota Landcruiser Ad

Toyota Landcruiser 2010 Magazine Ad

Footnote: AMC is sadly no longer around, though it was a confluence of reasons, can’t help but wonder if it’s advertising didn’t help it’s chances.