Under the Big Top Adobe Illustrator Rules!

The things you can do with Adobe Illustrator, and people wonder why I [heart] Illustrator!People have asked what program I use to design in, and usually I answer them cutting off the end of the question blurting out “Adobe Illustrator.” I [heart] Adobe Illustrator, for too many reasons to mention but foremost, it’s THE layout person’s layout program. Sure there’s others, but they’re not for people who are into precision, power, design, concepting, flexibility, and kick butt placement of object down to the .0001! There can be only one, like in Highlander (there should have been only one Highlander come to think of it), and that one is Adobe Illustrator. If I had a software desert island, that’s all I’d want… and a Macbook Pro… and some electricity, or a crate full of charged batteries. Oh, BTW, this was big top display for a trade show I did was entirely created in Adobe Illustrator, let’s see you do THAT in InDesign or, for those stuck in the 90s still cluelessly using it, Quark.