what’s in a brand? for Ford, it’s like a title loan

ford_logoAs reported by the (mostly) car site Jalopnik, Ford recently took back their logo, as in, they had hocked it for cash. Yep. In case you had any doubts about what a brand, even something as simple as a logo, is worth, well, here you go [Detroit News].

If you’re a designer or, more importantly, perhaps a company looking for a designer to create a logo for them, think about this if your thought is “make it cheap and snappy, not thought out, we don’t want to pay a lot to have someone design our brand” Don’t try to bargain a bottom dollar price for something that will represent you, it could be worth $23.5 billion dollars some day –$23,000,000,000 – a lot of zeros. Don’t scrimp. It’s worth it.